New GA Healthcare Enrollment – Deadline Approaching

Connecticut Partnership Plan Healthcare Enrollment Period

New Hires – Fall 2017 Semester


Critical Information about medical and dental benefits for all newly appointed Graduate Assistants, Graduate Interns or Graduate Fellows with appointment dates starting August 23, 2017 (or after):


*PLEASE NOTE: If you have submitted an Online GA Benefits Election/Waiver Form, you may disregard this notice*


Graduate students who are newly appointed as Graduate Assistants, Graduate Interns or Graduate Fellows beginning August 23, 2017, have 31 days from their appointment start date to enroll in or waive coverage. For those enrolling in coverage, the coverage will be effective September 1, 2017.  Please note, any enrollment for you plus one dependent or you plus your family requires proof of the relationship, such as a marriage certificate for a spouse or a long form birth certificate for a child.


Late Enrollees:


Eligible participants who do not make an election within 31 days of their appointment start date are considered late enrollees. Late enrollees may enroll in coverage during the Open Enrollment Period held annually from April 15 through May 15 for a September 1st effective date of the following plan year.


Continuing Appointments:


Graduate Assistants, Graduate Interns and Graduate Fellows who are continuing their appointment* for the 2017-2018 Academic Year and are currently enrolled in the Connecticut Partnership plan do not need to re-enroll. Coverage will continue with current elections. Please note, plan changes for continuing appointments may be made during the Open Enrollment Period, which is held annually from April 15 through May 15.


*Continuation does NOT qualify as a status change to make elections/changes to your coverage.


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For more information including a listing of frequently asked questions, please visit:

For questions regarding Enrollment, please contact the Benefits & HR Services Unit of the Department of Human Resources at or by telephone at 860-486-3034.