Mixture Modeling in R Workshop

There are still seats available for a three day course on mixture modeling, June 4-6, 2018. UCONN faculty and students may register for the course at a substantial discount. The cost of the three day workshop is $400 for UCONN students, postdocs, and faculty-  use the promo code UCONN when you register.  To register, go to https://www.regonline.com/builder/site/Default.aspx?EventID=2093191 . For more information about DATIC workshops, go to www.datic.uconn.edu

Mixture Modeling (in R) 

Eric Loken

This 3-day mixture modeling workshop will survey techniques for exploring heterogeneous latent structure in data. We will begin by defining a variety of mixture models. The main focus will be on latent class analysis (LCA) and latent profile analysis (LPA), with applications in health and education. Additional models will include mixture regression models, mixture IRT, k-means clustering, and growth mixture models for longitudinal data. The course will emphasize hands-on work by participants, who will also be encouraged to make connections to their own data, learning to execute many of these models in R. Particular attention will be paid to issues that arise in applied settings including model assumptions, parameter estimation, and interpretation.