Cognitive Science Colloquium

Announcing the first Cognitive Science colloquium of the semester:

Who: Dr. Cristine H. Legare
Associate Professor of Psychology, University of Texas at Austin
Title: The Evolution and Ontogeny of Ritual

When:  Friday, October 19, 4pm

Where:  Oak 109

Abstract:  Convergent developments across social scientific disciplines provide evidence that ritual is a psychologically prepared, culturally  inherited, behavioral trademark of our species. I will draw upon the anthropological and evolutionary science literatures to
provide a psychological account of the social functions of ritual in group behavior. Solving the adaptive problems associated with group living requires psychological mechanisms for identifying group members, ensuring their commitment to the group, facilitating cooperation with their coalition, and maintaining group cohesion. I will review evidence that the threat of social exclusion and loss of status motivates
engagement in ritual throughout development and provide an account of the ontogeny of ritual cognition. The intersection of these lines of inquiry promises to provide new avenues for theory and research on the evolution and ontogeny of social group cognition.

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