Alexion Pharmaceuticals UConn Grad Dissertation Improvement Award

Alexion Pharmaceuticals/ UConn Graduate Student Dissertation Improvement Award
DEADLINE: MONDAY 5th November 2018Through a partnership with Alexion Pharmaceuticals, the Alexion/UConn Graduate Student Dissertation Improvement Award (GSDIA) is a program that supports graduate students at UConn/UConn Health whose research in basic biological processes or health applications contributes to discovery, innovation, or the development of products for diagnosis or treatment of rare diseases.

Alexion is a global leader in the development and delivery of breakthrough therapies for patients with severe and life-threatening rare diseases.

The GSDIA can be used for the investigation (including, but not limited to, equipment, consumables, services, conference attendance) of basic biological processes whose understanding could lead to the development of rare disease diagnostic or therapeutic products or for the development of prototypes, pre-clinical data, human clinical data, drug delivery platform/systems, large animal studies, or other advanced research in health applications for rare diseases. Two awards of $5000 each are available.

The Alexion Dissertation Improvement Award is open to all doctoral students who achieved candidacy during this or previous academic years and are expected to complete, defend their dissertation, and graduate on or before August 2020.


• Must be a fulltime graduate student at UConn or UConn Health
• Must be pursuing a graduate degree in a life sciences or biomedical related field
• Must be in good standing with the university with regards to all educational expectations of their respective department and/ or school
• Must be pursuing a graduate research project related to an area of research having to do with understanding the basic biology of, the diagnosis of, or the treatment of a rare human disease
• Must be nominated by a faculty member associated with their research project or thesis advisory team Must not be a graduate student associated with any ongoing clinical trial of an Alexion related therapy
• Must not be a graduate student currently doing an internship or employed by Alexion part time or full time
• Must not be a graduate student already receiving corporate support, involved with a clinical trial for, or doing an internship with, or employed by a direct competitor of Alexion.

Nominate a student at the following link: