Psychology Department Statistics Consulting

Having trouble with R or Matlab? Need some help with a statistical analysis? Good news! Stats consulting is available. I am Adrian, the psychology department’s stats consultant. For the rest of the semester I will be extending my consulting hours to Tuesdays 10am-1pm and Fridays 10am-1pm in BOUS 190C (Computer Room). I am also available by appointment and through email at Please feel free to email any time.

I am most experienced with R and (to a lesser extent) Matlab, and I can help with data manipulation, graphs, linear analyses (ANOVA and regression), time series analysis, and mixed models (HLM). I can help with programming issues in both R and Matlab. I also have experience with PsychoPy (for making experiments), and (to a lesser extent) Medialab and Eprime. And if you’re thinking about dabbling in Bayesian analysis, I have a small amount of experience with that (including the OpenBUGS software).

Adrian Frazier