Requesting Input on Summer Workshop on Computational Reproducibility

Biostatistician and data scientist Nelle Varoquaux (University of California, Berkeley; will be giving a series of hands-on lunchtime workshops focusing on computational reproducibility during the month of May. Essentially, computational reproducibility is ensuring that another person can run the same analyses that you did on your data and come to the same result.

This week-long course is designed for relative beginners. You should have some experience with the basics of programming in any language (e.g., R, Python, MATLAB), but you do not need experience with the languages described here. These are meant to be approachable introductions to these topics—specifically designed to invite new people to learn these often-daunting skills!

In preparation for this workshop, we are asking interested graduate students to complete a brief survey by Friday, May 10. We will be sending out registration forms shortly thereafter. Space will be limited, but we want to get as wide a view on what people would like to learn as possible.

If you have questions, please contact Alex Paxton <>.