The Isabelle Y. Liberman Award (2020)

The Isabelle Y. Liberman Award  (2020)

Isabelle Liberman, the late Professor of Educational Psychology at UConn, was a central figure in the cognitive science of reading.  Her discoveries on the key role of phonology in reading and dyslexia influenced a generation of researchers and changed the way that reading is taught to children, from an emphasis on visual recognition of print to an emphasis on the relation between letters and their sounds.

The Isabelle Liberman Award is intended to recognize and encourage young researchers who are investigating topics relating to Isabelle Liberman’s interests.  We anticipate making awards of $2500 to the two students who submit the best research papers on topics related (in broad terms) to Isabelle Liberman’s work. Graduate students from any academic department at the University of Connecticut are eligible.

Selection of the recipients will be made by a committee of faculty representing the Departments of Linguistics, Psychological Sciences, and Educational Psychology. In addition to the submitted paper, the committee will take into account the applicant’s past academic achievement and demonstrated potential for future professional accomplishments.

Applicants should submit a research paper and a CV and should arrange for a letter of recommendation to be sent to the committee; additional materials supporting the application are welcome, but not necessary.  The final date for submissions is April 15, 2020. Inquiries and submissions should be sent to Jay Rueckl (