At A Glance: The Behavioral Neuroscience Division, Masters Only Option

For full details, please see 2020_BNS_Brochure

Required Courses


At least 30 total credits, including no more than 6 at the undergraduate level (grad school requirement)


The following Statistics course:


PSYC 5104 Analysis of Experiments


2-4 semesters of BNS Seminar


  • For terminal Masters students, 2 semesters are required, but it is recommended that the student enroll each semester in the program up to the fourth semester
  • For Ph.D. students who are initially obtaining a masters, 4 semesters are required


Two BNS courses


  • At least one graduate content course from each of two different areas of expertise (i.e., taught by different BNS PSYC professors)


At least 6 credits of graduate research

Additional Requirements


Plan A:


A Masters thesis, with oral defense and a committee of 3 faculty members, is required.  At least 3-4 semesters in the program are recommended.


Plan B:


A written Masters exam is required, consisting of either:

  • Three questions from different faculty members (at least two in BNS), which each serve as the basis for a 10-15 page paper to be completed in 7-10 days
  • OR a research report or literature review, which is reviewed by the masters committee.

In consultation with the student, the masters committee (three professors, at least two in BNS) will decide between options a and b for each student.

In each case, the committee will decide what constitutes a passing level of performance.

The Psychological Sciences Graduate Student Handbook and the Graduate Catalog can be referred to for any questions on policies or rules.



Outside Resources



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