At A Glance: The Industrial & Organizational Division

For full details, please see the division’s handbook.

Required and Suggested Courses

Required: the 4 “Core” courses by end of second year

PSYC 5614: Personnel Psychology
PSYC 5615: Human Factors
PSYC 5123: Occupational Health Psychology
MGMT 6203: Contemporary Issues in Organizational Behavior


Additional Required Courses for the First Year

PSYC 5701 Research Methods in Experimental Social Psychology
PSYC 5104 Analysis of Experiments
PSYC 5105 Quantitative Methods in the Behavioral Sciences

Pre-Master’s Expectations

* 1 “Core” course per semester until the 4 completed
** I/O Specialization Seminars (4 required by degree end)
** Additional Quantitative/Methods courses
*** PSYC 5600 Research and Practice of I/O Psychology
*** PSYC 5699  I/O Research Team
*** GRAD 5950 Master’s Thesis Research



*** PSYC 5600 Research and Practice of I/O Psychology
*** PSYC 5699  I/O Research Team
** Additional Quantitative/Methods courses
** I/O Specialization Seminars
GRAD 6930 Field Research Experience
GRAD 6950 Doctoral Dissertation Research

* These will be offered in alternative sequences every other year

** For full list of possibilities, see I/O handbook.

*** To be taken each semester


Degree Milestones

Master’s Defense

  • Ideally, the defense will occur before the end of the student’s second year

General Examination

  • Occurs in either the third or fourth year at the end of the summer

Dissertation Proposal

  • There will be an oral defense of the written proposal completed after the Masters

Dissertation Defense

  • Usually occurs the student’s fifth year

Please also see the full Master’s and PhD requirements list in the I/O handbook.

The Psychological Sciences Graduate Student Handbook and the Graduate Catalog can be referred to for any questions on policies or rules, but I/O Division rules and procedures take priority for I/O studentsPlease see the I/O handbook.



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 For full details beyond what is listed on this page, please see the division’s handbook.