Fall 2019

Health Promotion Graduate Assistantship Available

Student Health and Wellness has a new graduate assistantship available with the Health Promotion Team.  We are seeking someone passionate about student wellness, whose primary responsibilities will be facilitating educational interventions in individual and group settings.  This position will focus on addressing substance use, but also provide support for campus-wide health promotion strategies.  The full position description includes information about how to apply: Health Promotion GA Job Description

Fall ’19 / Spring ’20 BIRC Speaker Series announced

Fall 2019

First Tuesday of each month @ 1:30-3:00p in Arjona 307 unless noted*


Vistors from UCHC are encouraged to use the UCHC-Storrs shuttle service. Please contact us if you are interested in meeting with a speaker.

Date Speaker Title
*Date Change*


Tor Wager, PhD

Dartmouth College (beginning July 2019)

TBA (MRI statistical analyses methods, pain processing)
*Date Change*


Uri Hasson, PhD

Princeton University

Face to Face, Brain to Brain: Exploring the Mechanisms of Dyadic Social
11/05 Stephanie Jones, PhD

Brown University

TBA (integrating human brain imaging and computational neuroscience methods to study brain dynamics using MEG/EEG and tDCS/DBS/TMS)
12/03 Kimberly Noble, MD, PhD

Columbia University

TBA (socioeconomic disparities in children’s cognitive and brain development)

Spring 2020

First Tuesday of each month @ 3:30-5pm (location TBA)

Date Speaker Title
02/04 Katarzyna Chawarska, PhD

Yale University

TBA (social and affective dimensions of autism in young children)
03/03 David Badre, PhD

Brown University

TBA (cognitive neuroscience of memory and cognitive control)
04/07 Alex Martin PhD


TBA (neural mechanisms of object recognition)
05/05 Michael Crowley, PhD

Yale University

TBA (brain basis of childhood anxiety disorders including avoidance, threat detection, and worry)

Graduate Course Offerings for Upcoming Semesters

Academic Year 2019-2020

PSYC Grad Courses planning for AY 2019-20 2-27-19

Fall 2019

NEW: Fall 2019 Grad Course Calendar- Fall19 Grad Course Calendar-final


Course Descriptions

Fall 2019

Cross-cultural Psychology with Nairán Ramírez-Esparza


Tools to Analyze Language with Nairán Ramírez-Esparza


Performance Appraisal Seminar with Janet Barnes-Farrell


Neural Basis of Learning and Memory with Etan Markus

Neural Basis of LearningMemory_outline

Human Factors with Rob Henning

Human Factors Description

Current Topics in Psychology (SLAC Professional Development) with Jim Magnuson & Marie Coppola

Current Topics in Psychology (SLAC Professional Development) Description

Clinical Connections Seminar with Inge-Marie Eigsti & Emily Myers

Clinical Connections Seminar Description

Research Seminar in Language and Cognition with Rachel Theodore

Mondays 12:20-1:10 BOUS A 106 (‘Talk Shop’). For more information, please contact instructor.

Current Topics in Cognitive Science (SLAC Seminar – Foundations of Learning and Language) with Jim Magnuson

Fridays 9 AM-12:05 PM. For more information, please contact instructor.

Spring 2020

Programming with Data in R with Adam Sheya

Programming with Data in R Outline

Occupational Health and Safety with Rob Henning

Occupational Health and Safety Description