Doctoral Academic Information

Graduate Study in Psychology Handbook

Forms for Doctoral Students

For each doctoral student submitting a dissertation, the Graduate School record must include the following appropriately completed and approved documentation:

Plan of Study

After completing 18 academic credits, each student–upon consultation with his/her major advisor–must submit a committee approved Plan of Study. Students should pay special attention to the foreign language requirement and “related areas” section which is now included as a milestone entry to students’ transcripts. Please refer to the Graduate School Catalog for the list of exempt departments and for details on the topics.

Report on the General Examination for the Doctoral Degree

The General Examination–sometimes referred to as the “qualifying exam”–is under the jurisdiction of the advisory committee. Students complete the examination after their Plan of Study has been approved. The content and type of examination(s) is determined by the department and the Report is submitted to the Graduate School only after the final phase has been completed.

Note: The final Graduate Assistant salary level increase eligibility is dependent on the successful completion of the Examination and the Report being submitted to the Graduate School.

Doctoral Dissertation Proposal Coversheet and Instructions

Dissertation FAQs