Graduate Program Exit Survey

Congratulations on finishing your studies in our department! The Psychological Sciences Department strives to continuously improve our graduate student program. To assist us with this process please answer the following questions. This should take less than 10 minutes.

If a question is not applicable or you can’t remember, select the “not applicable” option.

Note: Your responses regarding the evaluation of advisors (mentors) will be kept confidential.

Please note: Access to the survey responses will be limited to the Psychology Graduate Office staff. Faculty will not have access to the surveys. However if prohibited conduct is reported (e.g. sexual harassment) we are required to report this information to the University ( Furthermore if the Associate Department Head for Graduate Studies decides to follow-up regarding possible issues regarding specific faculty or divisions you may be contacted with a request for more information and/or permission to disclose your name.

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For newly graduated students, we recommend you update your mailing address in the Student Administration System and with Payroll if you would expect to be receiving a W-2 income tax document for income earned during this pas year.

Thank you!

UConn Psychological Sciences Graduate Program