Graduate Student Advisory Committee

In 2007 the Department of Psychological Sciences instituted a Graduate Student Advisory Committee (GSAC) to allow a venue for graduate students to develop ideas and provide feedback to the department about the graduate programs.

The committee consists of a student representative from each of the department’s PhD programs, the Graduate Program Coordinator, and the Associate Department Head for Graduate Studies. Representatives serve staggered two-year terms with three divisions selecting new representatives in alternating years (except the IO division which selects a new rep each year). Students in their second year and beyond are eligible to serve as representatives.

Current GSAC Representatives

Division Representative Term Email
Behavioral Neuroscience
 Ruth Mcleod  2020-2022
Clinical Meaghan Delcourt 2021-2023
Developmental Amanda Mankovich 2019-2022
Industrial & Organizational  Ethan Gossett 2019-2022
PAC – Ecological Spencer Ferris 2021-2023
PAC – Language & Cognition
David Saltzman 2019-2021
Social Alexa Ott 2021-2023


Recent Committee Activities/Accomplishments:

  • Successfully lobbied to have IOR positions raised from 10-hour TA to 15-hour TA
  • Successfully lobbied for increase in departmental Graduate Student Travel Funding
  • Clarified process for IOR mentoring
  • Requested clarification of proctoring responsibilities/authority resulting in new departmental Proctoring Policy (see Grad Student Handbook)
  • Registered GSAC as a university organization to secure additional funding for GSAC activities

Other Activities:

  • Meet with the Department Head to discuss issues and concerns
  • Coordinate invitation of speakers for Departmental Colloquium (please see your division rep if you have ideas for speakers)
  • Serve as a resource to new students to answer questions and provide information regarding life at UCONN in general and in their particular programs
  • Coordinate interdivisional social activities