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GA Day Handouts & Powerpoints

Getting an ID Card:

The Husky One Card is the name for the campus ID card. You can put money on the card for copying at the library or buying food on campus. When you get here, go to the One Card Office in the Wilbur Cross building, 2nd floor. You’ll need to bring your driver’s license with you. You can contact them at 860-486-3129 or visit their website at

Parking Permit:

There are basically three options for parking. The first is S- or Y-Lot, which are the commuter lots about 5 minutes away from Bousfield. In order to get a spot in the lots, you need to be here in the morning by 9:00. A second option is to park in the South Parking Garage, which is also about 5 minutes away. You’ll always have a spot in the garage, no matter the time of day, but it is a more expensive option. The last option is to get a free GA/TA parking spot that will allow you to park in lots that are a much further walk, or bus ride, from Bousfield. You can get more information by contacting Parking Services at 806-486-4930 or visiting their website at

Getting the necessary keys for Bousfield:

Student ID cards (Husky One cards) are used for many things, including proximity access to some buildings and rooms within the Psychology Department. In order to configure your card for access to Psych building areas, the IT staff need a number located on the back of the card.  It is recommended that you obtain your ID card as soon as possible once you arrive on campus (see link below for office locations/hours). Once you have received your card please send an email to Graduate Program Assistant ( with the 5 digit number in the bottom right corner of the back of the ID card  so that she can forward the information to the IT staff to set up your building access.

While some of the rooms in Bousfield have proximity access, many still require keys.  Students with Teaching Assistant (TA) assignments will have access to TA office space (shared with one or two other TAs) for the semester. Keys to TA cubicles will likely be handed out at the Annual Graduate Student Meeting.  Access to labs and other divisional office space must be requested by your advisor / lab supervisor. Once the request has been submitted and processed, keys will be available from the front office (BOUS 106).

Financial Aid & Bursar:

The most difficulty that first-year students usually have is with the Financial Aid & Bursar Offices. Make sure that you keep all documentation regarding scholarship checks, award notification, loan paperwork, etc. Of upi are receiving scholarship or loan money you will need to visit the Bursar office to receive the money. Your semester fees will be around $900 (not covered by your tuition waiver), so you will be given the remainder of any loan money after deducting these fees. You will not be able to obtain loan money until at least the first day of classes, so make sure to adjust your finances accordingly. Make sure to check out their websites for more information: &

GA Health Insurance:

All graduate assistants are eligible to participate in UConn’s Graduate Assistant Student Health and Dental Insurance Plans. All students at UConn are required to be covered under a health insurance plan; as a part of that requirement all GA’s will be automatically enrolled in the GA health insurance. If you already have a plan you may opt out of the UConn provided plan by completing a waiver. Details of the plans, including coverage and costs, as well as information on enrollment forms (for dental or dependents) and waivers can be found on the following webpage:

GA Tuition and Fee Payments:

Graduate Assistants receive a waiver of tuition only; GA’s are responsible for paying university fees at the full-time rate. Although the tuition will be waived for GA’s, the tuition waiver is not applied until your GA and payroll paperwork has been processed.

Purchase textbooks for your classes:

Once you get here and have registered for classes, make sure to get your books at either the Co-op or online. Make sure to get them as soon as you can to avoid the craziness once the undergrads arrive back on campus and to get the best price on used books in the bookstore and online.

Computer Lab (BOUS 190C):

All graduate students are given access to a computer lab in Boufield that has PCs, Macs and printers. It’s a useful area for printing out articles and doing homework. You must use your Husky ID to get into the lab.

Attend necessary orientations:

You will receive information on when you need to attend the necessary teaching assistant (TA) orientation, (whether or not you will have a teaching assignment). You will also receive information about when the department wide orientation will be. This meeting is required for all psychological sciences graduate students (new and continuing).

International students will receive information regarding their mandatory orientations.

Division Meetings:

Your division/program may hold its own orientation meeting. Your division head or a student representative will send you information on any divisional meetings that you must attend.

PsychOne Server:

The PsychOne Server allows you to keep documents on the network in a personal file so that you can access them on your own personal computer if it’s hooked up to the network, BOUS 190C or in CHIP.

Participant Pool:

As experimenters, you may be posting experimental sessions on the Participant Pool website in order to run participants in your studies. After the Participant Pool Meeting at the beginning of the semester, you can obtain an experimenter ID. The Participant Pool website is available through the link on the Psychology Department website or here.


This system allows you to register for classes, check your final grads, and check your unofficial transcript. You will be sent a Peoplesoft ID# in a letter during the summer. You can access the Peoplesoft website here.


Psychological Sciences Graduate Student Handbook


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