GRE Subject Test

Subject Test in Psychology

  • This exam may also be referred to as the GRE Advanced Test or the GRE Major Field Test
  • This exam is recommended, not required, however taking it is to your advantage. Most applicants will have taken the Subject test and taking it will make your application file more competitive. It is particularly significant if psychology was not your major field of study as an undergraduate.
  • Subject tests are paper-based tests and are only offered 3 times a year. The test dates and score mailing dates for 2017-2018 are as follows (per ETS website):
    • September 16, 2017 (approximate score mail date: 10/27/2017)
    • October 28, 2017 (approximate score mail date: 12/08/2017)
    • April 14, 2018 (approximate score mail date: 5/25/2018)
  • Please note: If your Subject GRE scores are not received by the application deadline this will not hold up the review of your application, since the Subject GRE is not required. Once the Subject GRE scores are received, even if it is after the application deadline, they will be uploaded into your application file; however, if your application has already been reviewed by the admissions committee before the Subject test scores are received it is unlikely that the file will be re-reviewed once the scores arrive. Please note that scores taken in April 2018 would likely be received too late to be considered.
  • GRE Subject scores are received electronically from ETS. Institution reporting codes are the same as for the General GRE.
  • More information about the Subject test is available from the Educational Testing Service website.